During  working on iCrack I needed to highlight syntax {{ tag }}  in Django  template  system.
One of the best IDEs is Geany cuz it has some features you will need while writing codes related to web-dev

The issue is some of these IDEs still doesn’t support Django templates, and as Geany uses Scintilla as its highlighting engine you can enable highlighting by executing the following code inside your bash :

lnxg33k@Arabpwn:~$ sed ’11i lexer.html.django=1′ /usr/share/geany/filetypes.html > ~/.config/geany/filedefs/filetypes.html

tested on Ubuntu 11.10 and geany 0.20 (built on Jul  1 2011 with GTK 2.24.5, GLib 2.29.8, GIO)