About Irssi

Irssi is a terminal based IRC client for UNIX systems. It also supports SILC and ICB protocols via plugins.

I will show how to connect to Free node using SSL and irssi

first we need a valid certification for SSL :

bash-4.1# cd /root/ && mkdir ssl && cd ssl

bash-4.1# wget http://rlworkman.net/pkgs/sources/13.0/ca-certificates/ca-certificates.SlackBuild

bash-4.1# wget http://rlworkman.net/pkgs/sources/13.0/ca-certificates/ca-certificates_20090814.tar.gz

bash-4.1# ./ca-certificates.SlackBuild

now we have installed the root ca-certificates

now fire up irssi on your terminal

after the irssi interface comes up just type :
/network add  freenode
/connect -ssl_verify  chat.freenode.net 7000
/network add -autosendcmd “/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD; wait 2000″ freenode
/channel add -auto #intern0t freenode
/set real_name  NAME
/set user_name NICKNAME
/set nick NICKNAME
/set alternate_nick ALTNICKNAME

You can use your preferred theme :
bash-4.1# cd ~/.irssi
bash-4.1# wget http://irssi.org/themefiles/madcow.theme
fireup your irssi again then type:
/set theme madcow

now everything should work great and you should see something like that :